Why Wireless Charging


The answer is, do you have to ask. If you walk into any store right now and purchase a new gadget, chances are you’ll find almost every accessory to support wireless charging. This technology has been pleasantly received and broadly implemented by most tech companies and caters to all kinds of devices. Phones, tablets, smartwatches, and earbuds. What else are we missing?


Wireless charging is the new cool thing with plenty of advancements in technology. Besides moving with the times this new technology comes with benefits.


The most obvious benefit of wireless charging and one that is evident immediately is the convenience that comes with it.
Rather than looking for a cable in your laptop bag, you just drop your device onto a pad or a stand. If you move around with your device a lot in between charges—which you probably do if it’s your phone—it’s a lot easier to just pick it up and put it back down than having to unplug and reconnect it every time. What’s more, wireless charging charges your phone slower than wired charging. It helps you maintain the battery capacity between 50%-80%, which is the best for the battery life.


Wireless charging comes with a lot of aesthetically pleasing charging options and is trendy. Some great charging pads and stands that can enhance your personal and working space. No more irritation with tangled cables or trying to plug in your charger and finding that tiny charging port on your device.


Companies are now creating new wireless charging standards to make things even more convenient for consumers. Apple did this with the MagSafe introduced with the iPhone12. This is a series of magnets to make sure wireless chargers can snap into place, delivering power as efficiently as possible. Since then, a lot of brands have started also producing a variety of accessories supporting this standard.
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